COVID Mobile App

COVID Mobile App

COVID Navigator is a COVID Mobile App that helps you navigate through the often scary and constantly changing world of COVID-19. It is available on Apple and Android devices.

COVID Mobile App available to Download:

  • Screening questionnaire to determine if you are At Risk for COVID-19
  • Risk questions as per latest CDC guidelines
  • Recommends local testing centers
  • Algorithm determines risk for COVID-19
  • Ability to log and update symptoms on your own without requiring a physician
  • Helpful Tips & Resources on COVID-19 + how to protect you, your family, and your community

At-home Monitoring and Reporting of Quarantined Individuals:

  • Personalized daily tasks to help monitor symptoms for ongoing recovery
  • Geolocation verification of quarantine location
  • Option to work with a Case Manager who will develop a personalized Plan of Care for your specific needs

Case Manager Admin Portal to Ease Workload of Monitoring & Tracking:

  • At-a-glance, Case Manager can view data for everyone registered
  • Triage users into case types
  • Case manage specific case types
  • Monitor task completion and receive alerts on worsening symptoms
  • Robust identifiable and aggregated reporting



• Fully integrated COVID-19 assessment and Case Management Solution
• Branding options available
• Includes at-home monitoring
• Allows manual entry and tracking of vital signs
• Delivery of customer-generated content
HIPAA compliant

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