COVID Mobile App

COVID Mobile App

COVID Navigator is a mobile app that is fully integrated with a Case Management solution to enable companies to determine if individuals are safe to go back to work by tracking vaccination status, testing outcomes and symptoms. Support employees who need to isolate at home and guide them with a return to work plan. Available on native app and web-browser.  Request a demo.

COVID Mobile App available to Download:

  • Screening questionnaire to determine if you are At Risk for COVID-19
  • Quick & easy user flow to submit vaccination status with or without the requirement for validation
  • Risk questions as per latest CDC guidelines
  • Recommends local testing centers
  • Support for International Vaccines
  • Algorithm determines risk for COVID-19
  • Ability to log and update symptoms on your own without requiring a physician
  • Support Multiple Languages with Google Translate
  • Helpful Tips & Resources on COVID-19 + how to protect you, your family, and your community

At-home Monitoring and Reporting of Quarantined Individuals:

  • Personalized daily tasks to help monitor symptoms for ongoing recovery
  • Employers are notified when an employee is not cleared or enters vaccine information, reducing the administrative burden of reporting and follow-up
  • Ability to configure auto-approval of test results
  • Geolocation verification of quarantine location
  • User Notifications for Testing Frequency
  • Integrates with care management team to provide follow-up support to employees who are symptomatic or asked to stay home

Case Manager Admin Portal to Ease Workload of Monitoring & Tracking:

  • At-a-glance, Case Manager can view data for everyone registered
  • Triage users into case types
  • Ability to configure auto-approval of exemptions
  • Ability to configure frequency of testing requirements
  • Case manage specific case types
  • Monitor task completion and receive alerts on worsening symptoms
  • Robust identifiable and aggregated reporting


  • Fully integrated COVID-19 assessment and Case Management Solution
  • Managing the process of vaccination status, daily recordings, symptomatic employees, and who is at home is easy with the tracker’s administrative portal, included in the platform
  • Branding options available
  • Includes at-home monitoring
  • Allows manual entry and tracking of vital signs
  • Delivery of customer-generated content
  • HIPAA compliant

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Video: COVID Mobile App

Video: COVID Mobile App