Outcomes-Based Data Analytics – with Richard Kersh, CEO at Human Factor Analytics

What You’ll Learn by Viewing Outcomes-Based Data Analytics

Richard Kersh, CEO at Human Factor Analytics, an outcomes-based analytics and consulting company that helps analyze risk and identify what is driving present and future cost, shares his expertise on Outcomes-Based Data Analytics.

It is commonly asked whether analytics can help determine an ROI for your wellness program? By looking at data and identifying data points or patterns of risk that can be mitigated, then you can have a more outcomes-directed population health management strategy.

Richard addresses the following five questions in this educational 15-minute webinar.

  • What is outcomes-based data analytics?
  • Who can benefit from outcomes-based data analytics?
  • How do you get the data?
  • Why should you include analytics as part of your wellness program?
  • Can analytics help you determine an ROI for your wellness program?

Outcomes-Based Data Analytics