Wellness Challenges

Wellness Challenges: Increase Member Engagement In Your Wellness Program

Wellness Challenges are integrated with our wellness portal and are also offered as a standalone product. The solution includes 50+ configurable off-the-shelf challenges and a tool that enables administrators to easily and quickly build challenges from scratch.

The platform offers challenges on the following topics: physical activity, emotional wellness, sleep, financial wellness, nutrition, environmental wellness, biometric health, intellectual wellness, lifestyle, occupational wellness, social wellness, and technology.

How It Works

Users are asked to create a Wellness Challenge profile that includes a nickname, tagline, and avatar. They can then opt in for individual or team challenges, and start adding friends through the integrated friending capability. Or members can challenge their friends with a Pal to Pal Challenge. Users can choose from 100+ devices or apps to utilize throughout a challenge. They can track their status in a challenge by viewing the leaderboard, and even post messages to the social wall to motivate others. All challenges are gamified and allow users to earn badges for attaining goals, actively participating, and completing challenges.

Capabilities for Administrators

MediKeeper has made it easy and convenient for an administrator to quickly launch an engaging wellness challenge. Administrators have the option to launch off-the-shelf challenges or to build wellness challenges from scratch. MediKeeper offers 50+ preconfigured challenges; each of which can be quickly customized by an administrator to ensure they are providing a targeted and engaging experience for their population. Once a challenge is launched, administrators can manage teams, monitor social walls, and view robust reporting on participation, completion, and more.

Features & Benefits

  • Included as part of the MediKeeper Wellness Portal
  • Off-the-shelf & custom-built challenges
  • Team & individual challenges
  • Members can initiate challenges to compete against their pals
  • Integrated with 100+ devices & apps
  • Gamified Experience
  • Range of challenge topics
  • Social experience with “friending” capabilities