MediKeeper Celebrates Two Decades of Transformative Growth

MediKeeper celebrates 20 years of unwavering commitment to revolutionizing corporate health with product innovation, an expansive client list, and industry thought leadership. “Since our inception in 2004, MediKeeper has been at the forefront of empowering employers, benefits providers, health plans, and wellness companies with cutting-edge solutions to efficiently manage corporate health,” said David Ashworth, CEO at MediKeeper. “Our success is a testament to the trust and collaboration of our valued clients, as well as the hard work, dedication, and passion of both our team and strategic partners.”


Improving Corporate Health Through Customizable Technology

MediKeeper is a technology company that designs customizable portals that allow employers, benefits providers, health plans and wellness companies to efficiently manage corporate health. MediKeeper portals make administrators’ lives easier by ensuring preventative wellness programs are more effective, therefore helping to reduce costs.

Our three product offerings – the Health Risk Assessment, customizable Wellness Portal and Enterprise Health Portal – integrate seamlessly with other vendors, giving clients a one-stop shop to house their employee wellness programs, benefits information and customized content of their choice.

The MediKeeper Story

In 2003, MediKeeper was born when Dr. Bruce Tarzy and George Schwartzman recognized the need for patients to access secure personal health information online. They launched MediKeeper’s first product, the Personal Health Record, in November 2004. Dr. Tarzy passed away in 2015, but the company continues with the same spirit of enthusiasm, focus on excellence and commitment to our clients with which he founded the company.

Today, MediKeeper has expanded its offerings and offers a robust suite of solutions that allow employers, benefits providers, health plans and wellness companies to efficiently manage corporate health while motivating employees and members to take charge of their health through their own personalized portals.

By providing detailed population reporting with secure, de-identified data, employers and health plans can analyze trends regarding their population’s health and are better able to direct their wellness dollars to improve program effectiveness, thereby reducing costs and increasing ROI.

The company is privately held and funded by the Founders, Angel Investors, and Venture Capital from Pacificap International of Hawaii.

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