Health Risk Assessment

Health Risk Assessment: Providing Information You Can Act On

Gain a wealth of information on the status of your population’s health through our Health Risk Assessment. The Health Risk Assessment is included in all of our portals, but can be used as a standalone product as well.

How It Works

Through our Health Risk Assessment, users fill out a detailed questionnaire about their lifestyle, demographics, and personal medical history to calculate their risk for up to 16 diseases and conditions. Based on their answers, the Health Risk Assessment then provides users with individualized feedback plus suggestions for ways to lower their risk.

Capabilities for Administrators

Administrators can use the data they get from HIPAA-compliant HRA results to make informed decisions about their wellness programming. For example, if you find that a large percentage of your employees are at risk for metabolic syndrome, you could implement a program on healthy eating and weight loss. You can also send targeted messages directly to those at risk to promote the programs and tools available to them.

Features & Benefits:

  • View real-time reports with zero wait time through the administrator dashboard
  • Send targeted, de-identified messages to specific segments of your population
  • Add custom questions according to the needs of your organization
  • All users are given an individualized plan for wellness based on their results
  • Available in Spanish & paper format – HIPAA & GINA compliant
  • Certified by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)
  • HITRUST CSF Certification for Enhanced Security and Compliance
Are Health Risk Assessments Still Relevant

Are Health Risk Assessments Still Relevant?

Employers incorporate Health Risk Assessments as part of their workplace wellness programs. These assessments provide both the employees and the employer with valuable insights about their health, including feedback about their diet and exercise habits, as well as any possible risk of illness or disease. But HRAs are often undervalued.

When utilized improperly, they may not yield useful or actionable information. Download this educational white paper and you’ll learn:

  • The seven most common mistakes employers make
  • How to avoid making the same mistakes
  • How to choose the right HRA for your company
  • Tips for successfully applying HRA results