Gather group data through customized surveys to influence wellness programs

Surveys: How It Works

Gaining feedback from wellness groups is easily established through customized surveys. These are uniquely designed by administrators to gauge insight from group members through a series of questions. Survey results are then used to inspire and create wellness programs, incentives, and various initiatives.

Creating a survey is simple and straightforward. Each section can be customized by question type, subtext, response options, and completion deadlines (if necessary). Surveys can be configured for separate groups and can be previewed before publishing. Once published, members are automatically notified of new surveys and any requested response times.

Surveys provide a streamlined way to garner responses from entire groups at once with reporting capabilities that help drive future decisions.

Surveys: Administrator Capabilities

Customize. Customize surveys by choosing a name, how users are notified, and which users can see the survey and submit answers.

Review. Review all live, closed, or inactive surveys and edit as needed by survey name, subtext, and start and end date.

Configure. Select group visibility, and set and manage rules that override previous answers or allow participants to submit answers multiple times.

Notify. Send a push notification, a message with information about the survey, or choose a slide panel to appear upon member log-in.

Evaluate. Choose between identifiable and unidentifiable survey reporting to review real-time data.