Features + Benefits

One-stop Shop. Research a claim, look up a provider, identify health risks and track FitBit steps all in one place? Yep, it’s possible. And HIPAA-compliant, too.

Easy for Admins. A simple-to-use administrator dashboard allows you to get instant reports of your population’s health and send HIPAA-compliant messages to groups at high risk.

Fun for Employees. Custom wellness challenges, games, incentives and the ability to earn points make it fun and easy to adopt healthier habits.

Customized. Own the experience with your company’s branding, self-managed content and scalable modules of your choice that can work for organizations of any size.

Customer-focused. We’ll adapt to your process, not the other way around. Our flexible, responsive, customer-first commitment has earned our clients' trust and loyalty.

Turnkey. Our configurable wellness portal can be implemented in as few as two days.

wellness challenges

Maximizing Employee Engagement Using Wellness Challenges

Wellness Challenges help increase user engagement in corporate wellness programs. Download the white paper “Maximizing Employee Engagement Using Wellness Challenges” to get industry best practices, tips and tricks on building successful wellness challenges.  By downloading, you will learn:

  • How to increase member participation and engagement
  • Best practices to implement before, during and after a wellness challenge
  • Methods to capture measurable results