Brokers, TPAs and Consultants

Forward-thinking Corporate Wellness Solutions that Bring Added Value to Clients

Brokers and TPAs face stiff competition when offering benefits plans to employers. The ability to differentiate your offerings and demonstrate that you’re ahead of the curve is essential to attract and retain clients.

Your clients are always looking to improve the health of their workforce in order to boost productivity and lower insurance costs. MediKeeper’s wellness portals enable your clients to manage all facets of their corporate wellness program while giving employees an engaging tool to keep track of their health.

A One-stop Shop for Managing Corporate Wellness

MediKeeper’s wellness portals are a one-stop shop for employers and employees alike. Administrators can gain insights on employee health, generate reports, and send HIPAA-compliant group messages. Employees can take a Health Risk Assessment, access insurance information, participate in games and earn incentives. All users can leverage these myriad benefits in one centralized location – with a single sign-on.

It’s a turnkey solution you can deploy for your client – or hand it off to them to execute themselves.

Benefits for Brokers & TPAs

Our customizable portals allow you to provide added value to clients with a cutting-edge solution that increases ROI by elevating workforce health. Through MediKeeper, you can:

  • Whitelabel the platform with your client’s logos and branding
  • Integrate benefits information
  • Scale up or down with modules and functions depending on your client’s needs
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition with an innovative solution for corporate wellness
  • Integrate the portal with third-party vendors
  • Incorporate your existing wellness offerings within the portal

Benefits for Employers

Employers love our corporate wellness portals for their ability to do so many things in one place while remaining incredibly easy to use. Employers will benefit from the following:

  • Gain instant, real-time data on the health of their employees
  • Send targeted messages directly to employees who are at risk for certain conditions while complying with PHI laws
  • Provide fresh, customized content on a regular basis to keep employees engaged
  • Manage health coaching and interact with coaching clients through the platform
  • Display and analyze biometric screening results
  • Organize team challenges and incentivize staff with an automated rewards program
  • Increase ROI and reduce costs as a result of a healthier workforce

Benefits for Employees

Employers see high adoption rates from employees because our portals encourage engagement and are extremely user-friendly. Through the portal, employees can:

  • Take a Health Risk Assessment to identify the conditions they are most at risk for based on their lifestyle, demographics and personal history
  • Look up insurance information and personal health records kept by providers
  • Participate in social challenges with co-workers and earn points and rewards for healthy behavior
  • Sync their wearable device to track fitness activity
  • Get valuable tips and advice from healthcare experts
  • Sign up for health coaching and chat live with their coach through the platform