Enterprise Portal

A Corporate Wellness Portal Tailored Entirely to Your Needs

Our Enterprise Portals are ideal for large enterprises with very specific needs. We’ll build a completely customized corporate wellness portal from the ground up, designed to your unique specifications.

How It Works

The Enterprise Wellness Portal has the same capabilities as our standard Customizable Wellness Portal, but we’ll develop, configure, and deploy unique functionality to truly make it your own. From look and feel to custom applications, we’ll install, configure and deploy a corporate wellness portal with unlimited integrations. Have a special request? We’ll go out of our way to make it happen.

Integrates Seamlessly with Third-party Vendors and Apps

One of the most unique advantages of our platforms is their ability to integrate with almost any third-party vendor. This allows you to house all your wellness and benefits programs in one secure place with a single sign-on.

Examples of integrations include:

  • Claims & Benefits Information
  • Health Provider Search
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • Pharmacy
  • Flexible Spending Accounts

Features & Benefits

  • All the features of the Customizable Wellness Portal, including administrator dashboard, reporting, messaging capabilities, coaching platform and Health Risk Assessment
  • Can utilize any or all of MediKeeper’s proprietary tools
  • Customized content management system
  • Can integrate with any existing or identified third-party applications
  • Accommodate an unlimited number of integrations and/or quick links
  • Incorporate a look and feel that matches corporate schemes
  • Can be hosted on dedicated severs with a dedicated URL
  • Custom-designed functionality that meets your specifications

12 integrations
1 login

Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield selected MediKeeper when they needed an online platform to support and engage its 2.4 million members across Iowa and South Dakota. MediKeeper designed and hosts Wellmark’s member portal through which subscribers can access claims and benefit information, track healthcare spending and create Personal Health Records.

Products Used:

  • Enterprise Health Portal
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Third party integrations
  • Integrated communications tools