Incentives and Rewards

Incentives and Rewards:

This module allows administrators to design custom Incentives and Rewards Programs that fit their philosophy and budget, including outcomes-based programs. Administrators can build programs that are participation-based, outcomes-based, improvement-based, or a combination of the three. Administrators also have the ability to build relevant programs for specific sub-groups within a population (e.g. spouses versus employees).

Incentives and Rewards: User Capabilities

Within the Incentives & Rewards tile, users can view a dashboard of current incentivized programs that displays each program’s active dates and a running total of points earned by the user. Within each program, the user can see details about all opportunities within the program and track their progress in the program. Each user also has a points bank where they can view their total point balance and detailed earning history.

Users can earn points in a variety of ways including uploading documents or photos, providing an electronic signature, linking a device, submitting biometric data, participating in a challenge, interacting within a social circle and more. Participants are notified when they have earned points within a program and when a new program is available.

Incentives and Rewards: Administrator Capabilities

MediKeeper has developed a highly flexible and configurable Incentives & Rewards wizard. This wizard enables administrators to walk through the creation of an Incentives & Rewards program step-by-step. Each program can be configured to reward on any combination of participation, outcome, and improvement-based opportunities. Administrators can create optional & mandatory opportunities for users to earn points in various areas of the portal including Challenges, Social Circles, HRA values, Plans for Wellness, and more. Programs can be tailored to any population to ensure effectiveness and high engagement.

The Incentives & Rewards system provides administrators the flexibility to determine the verification method for end-users’ completion of an activity. They can reward on a variety of user actions or upload a file. Programs can even be integrated with trackers on any of 100+ devices & apps.