Wellness Services

Wellness Services: Utilize Our Experts To Support Your Investment In A Wellness Program

You have already made a decision to invest in a wellness program. But who will run the program? How do you create programs that will drive user engagement and promote sustainable behavior change? What is the best approach for your workplace? 50% of wellness programs are under-served and under-utilized – don’t fall into the same trap. Let our wellness services experts help you.

How It Works

Whether you are looking to have one of our wellness experts help you kick-start your wellness program, administer your program on an ongoing basis, or assist you with wellness expertise, we have a solution that will match your needs.  Our wellness experts can tailor a wellness strategy that will fit your unique organizational needs and culture, by aligning programs, challenges, and incentives that encourage engagement, drives behavior change and improves the health of your population.

Wellness Services

Examples of our wellness services include:

  • Creating an implementation strategy
  • Developing a communication strategy for launch and promotion
  • Identifying target groups and creating relevant messages to inspire action
  • Uploading eligibility, biometric and claims files
  • Creating monthly newsletters and fresh content
  • Developing incentive programs
  • Creating and running wellness challenges
  • Analyzing and reviewing participant usage data and Health Risk Assessment results
  • Management reporting on effectiveness of programs and long-term results

Want To Learn More?

We hope so.  We’d love to share how we have helped companies, both large and small, maximize their investment in a wellness program.