Case Studies

Our Health Portals Deliver Exceptional Results for Clients

See how other organizations have used our health portals to elevate their corporate wellness programs and engage users.

Emblem’s wellness division needed a digital version of a CDC certified diabetes prevention program


Emblem required a vendor to deliver existing functionality that could be molded/modified to deliver program components that met certification requirements.

MediKeeper built an online Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) platform to Emblem requirements within time and budget.

Based upon the success of MediKeeper delivering the DPP product in time, immediately prior to COVID, which made previous ‘classroom-style’ courses impractical, WellSpark has been able to reach a much wider and diverse population (10x) and it is now a national program, rather than local.

Further, WellSpark has now expanded their digital solutions to leverage the broader capabilities of the MediKeeper wellness platform in order to address wider population health management issues such as heart health, diet and nutrition, exercise, health coaching and behavior change solutions.

Products Used:

  • Enterprise platform
  • NCQA® certified Health Risk Assessment
  • NCQA® certified Personalized Plans for Wellness Self-Management Tools
  • Online DPP platform

AmeriBen acts as a TPA and needed a wellness solution to be embedded within their member portal


AmeriBen is part of the Anthem Blue Cross family (Elevance). AmeriBen understood that MediKeeper was able to deliver a platform that was flexible enough to incorporate many of the existing member functions and create a more integrated and seamless member experience.

The initial solution was based upon delivering a wellness component in conjunction with case management and for EOBs to be delivered electronically. Subsequent enhancements added multichannel chat, provider search, preauthorization, member card services.

Based upon the success of the partnership, and the ability of MediKeeper to understand the true needs of an evolving delivery ecosystem, we built an integrated solution that replaced a fragmented offering made up of point solutions and ultimately allowed them to consolidate vendors and reduce cost.


Products Used:

  • Flexible Incentives and Rewards solution
  • Biometric screening results
  • Wearable health tracker with 300+ device integrations

Blue Shield California needed an online HRA for their Medicare Advantage population

Blue Shield California

MediKeeper was selected based upon the minor modifications required to our standard HRA to deliver a regulatory HRA coupled with our ability to manage and report upon member outreach services (mail/telephone).

MediKeeper was able to deliver a regulatory HRA based upon the BSC assessment in a digital format and supported by health content based upon member responses and supplement our online capability with outreach services managed by MediKeeper.

MediKeeper was able to help BSC increase MediCare Advantage population completion of the BSC assessment by 20%, and to exceed BSC’s key performance indicators for reporting accuracy and outreach goals.

MediKeeper has subsequently expanded support for BSC D-SNP and SPD groups.

Products Used:

  • NCQA® certified Health Risk Assessment
  • No-code Administrator portal
  • Integration with 3rd party vendors