Wellness Challenges

Wellness Challenges: Increase Member Engagement In Your Wellness Program

Community Challenges and Pal to Pal Challenges are integrated with our wellness portal. The solution includes 50+ configurable off-the-shelf challenges and a tool that enables administrators to easily and quickly build challenges from scratch.

The platform offers challenges on the following topics: physical activity, emotional wellness, sleep, financial wellness, nutrition, environmental wellness, biometric health, intellectual wellness, lifestyle, occupational wellness, social wellness, and technology.

Community Challenges: How It Works

Invite participants to join individual and team-based challenges, choosing from a wide variety of wellness topics, such as emotional health, financial wellness, and social well-being. Challenge participants can view leaderboard standings and post Social Wall messages, photos, and GIFs to interact with other members and encourage competition.

With an integration of 100+ devices and apps, participants have the option of automatically tracking their progress toward challenge milestones. And, through gamification, they can earn badges, which are then proudly displayed to Pals in their virtual community.

The Community Challenges platform offers a fun, inclusive experience as groups work towards achieving their targeted wellness goals and allows for members to participate in multiple challenges with varied focuses at once.

Community Challenges: Capabilities for Administrators

  • Build. Easily launch a challenge by using a built-in template or customize for specific groups.
  • Configure. Configure challenges, milestones, and badges to create a truly engaging and rewarding experience.
  • Monitor. Manage Social Wall posts, oversee team and challenge statuses, and review reporting metrics.
  • Interact. Select from a variety of tools to promote ongoing engagement among teams and participants.
  • Motivate. Schedule and send helpful tips and reminders to elicit participation and challenge completion.

Pal to Pal Challenges: How It Works

Pal to Pal Challenges allows participants to initiate and engage in social competition on a one-to-one basis. Challenge creation is quick and easy with time- and target-based options to determine winner status and built-in themes, including activity, nutrition, health measurements, sleep, and emotional wellness.

Challenge data can be manually added or automatically synced with over 100 devices or apps, and integrated gamification allows participants to share their progress and earn badges. Additionally, participants can keep the competitive spirit alive by posting, commenting, and responding on the Social Wall, which includes access to a robust library of images and GIFs.

Pal to Pal Challenges provide motivation and promote accountability in a fun and rewarding way that encourages the creation of healthier habits and lifestyles.

Pal to Pal Challenges: Capabilities for Administrators

  • Oversee. See which challenges are active, denied, or pending, and determine which challenge themes are most popular.
  • Analyze. Evaluate enrollment numbers and ongoing engagement through reports filtered by group or date range.
  • Strategize. Segment challenge data by theme to help inspire future wellness programs, initiatives, and incentives.


Features & Benefits

  • Off-the-shelf and custom-built challenges
  • Wide range of challenge topics
  • Robust, comprehensive reporting
  • Integrated with 100+ devices and apps
  • Gamified with badges
  • Interactive Social Wall