Health Plans and Insurers

Integrated Wellness Platforms for Health Plans

With so much competition in today’s healthcare market, individuals want more out of their health plans. It’s important to provide value that goes beyond the run-of-the-mill offerings to attract and retain members.

MediKeeper helps health plans deliver useful, engaging tools for their members within a wellness platform that integrates seamlessly with legacy systems. Our health portals provide a self-service solution that health plans can customize, configure, and deploy on their own.

A One-Stop Shop for Members

Our health portals allow members to access claims and benefit information, check healthcare spending, track exercise, and activity, and take a HIPAA-compliant Health Risk Assessment – all within one single sign-on wellness platform. MediKeeper’s technology allows you to seamlessly integrate third-party software such as your CRM, ERP, benefits databases, and financial systems.

Benefits for Health Plans:

Health plans view MediKeeper as a game-changer – not only for our ability to integrate all systems under one wellness platform, but for the outstanding functionality we provide. With MediKeeper, health plans can:

  • Tailor the platform with the modules you need and include your logos and branding
  • Get real-time insights on overall member health and generate detailed trend reports
  • Send targeted, secure messages to members who report certain health conditions or are at risk
  • Qualify for government reimbursements for identifying and providing outreach to high-risk segments of your member population
  • Incentivize at-risk members to make an appointment with a physician or adopt healthy lifestyle changes
  • Encourage “stickiness” or member retention by providing members with differentiated tools that can help improve health and wellbeing.

Benefits for Members:

Engaging tools help members understand their own health conditions and risks, and motivates them to make lifestyle changes to improve their health, resulting in lower healthcare costs.

  • Take a Health Risk Assessment to identify the conditions they are most at risk for based on their lifestyle, demographics and personal history
  • Look up provider information, claims and personal health records in one place
  • Earn points and rewards through games designed to encourage healthy behavior
  • Sync their wearable devices to track fitness activity
  • Get valuable tips and advice from healthcare experts
  • Sign up for health coaching and chat live with their coach through the platform