Why MediKeeper?

Managing Your Corporate Wellness Program Has Never Been Easier

We’re all aware of how important a corporate wellness program is to keep employees healthy and happy – but it’s only effective if they participate. MediKeeper brings the experience online through an engaging, personalized portal that employees will actually use – and gives administrators easy access to a wealth of data about their population’s health.

ROI, Delivered

Partnering with MediKeeper helps drive engagement and increase the effectiveness of your corporate wellness program. By analyzing detailed information about the wellness of your employees, you know exactly what to focus on to help improve their health and cut down on insurance claims and absenteeism.

  • Access analytics to pinpoint where to allocate your wellness dollars and avoid ineffective spending
  • Identify willingness to change unhealthy behaviors and target users accordingly
  • Display biometric screening results to gauge overall health
  • View your population’s risk profile for a variety of diseases and conditions
  • Improve users’ health to reduce claims, increase productivity and save your organization money

Features & Benefits

  • One-stop Shop

    Research a claim, look up a provider, identify health risks and sync your wearable device all in one place? Yep, it’s possible. And HIPAA-compliant, too.

    Our health portals can be integrated with any vendor to house your corporate wellness program, insurance information and your own customized content through one convenient platform.

  • Easy for Admins

    A simple-to-use administrator dashboard allows you to get instant reports through real-time analytics of your population’s health.

    Easily see which health conditions affect your employees to determine which programs you should offer your teams. Want to target those at risk of heart disease, anxiety or another condition? You can send direct messages about these conditions to de-identified groups based on the data they provide – all while adhering to PHI and PII security.

  • Fun for Employees

    Custom social challenges, games, incentives and the ability to earn points motivate your staff by making it fun and easy to adopt healthier habits. Our interface is intuitive and easy-to-navigate, which is why our adoption rates are so high.

    Users can take a Health Risk Assessment, get advice from respected medical professionals and even link up their wearable device to track fitness progress.

  • Customized

    Own the experience with your company’s branding, custom content and scalable modules of your choice that can work for organizations of any size.

    Our portal’s architecture is modular and highly scalable, so you can start small and add more functionality as your needs evolve. Our built-in content management system (CMS) allows you to add customized content including text, videos and images that enhance your corporate wellness program.

  • Customer Focused

    We’ll adapt to your process, not the other way around. Our flexible, responsive, customer-first service has earned us a remarkably high customer retention rate.

    We make it a point to learn about your organization’s unique needs and go out of our way to deliver exactly what you want.

  • Turnkey

    The customizable portal can typically be implemented in as few as two days. We can plug and play with any vendor, and our technology makes it simple for resellers to deploy the product on their own.

Four Emerging Employee Wellness Trends for 2023

MediKeeper’s report highlights four key trends that will play a role in employee health and wellness. Understanding these trends can help organizations better plan for 2023 and beyond as well as help best support their people to be engaged and thrive in a positive health culture.

For 2023, we anticipate four key trends: Mental Health Challenges Will Continue; Financial Health is Critical in an Inflationary World; Organizational Culture is More Important than Ever, Remote and Hybrid Work Will Not Disappear Overnight