Social Circles

Social Circles: virtually connect with others

Enable participants to virtually connect with others who have aligned wellness and lifestyle goals. Users can share relevant information through interacting on social walls, view administrator-posted content, and become Circle Leaders to make a bigger impact on those in their circle.

Social Circles: User Capabilities

  • Join & interact with circles of people who have similar wellness goals, interests, or habits.
  • View a dashboard of their joined circles & available circles.
  • Interact with posts from circle members, circle leaders, and admins on a robust social wall
  • View key information in the Pinned Posts section
  • Interact with other members – comment on other members’ posts, react to posts/comments with a like, heart, high five, or question & exclamation marks
  • Be a circle leader – take a leadership role and encourage and engage circle members.
  • Participate in a private Circle dedicated to only circle leaders to learn best practices and engaging tactics

Social Circles: Administrator Capabilities

  • Create a social circle from scratch or from a theme covering a variety of wellness topics & interests
  • Themes: lifestyle, nutrition, physical activity, health metrics, environmental wellness, occupational wellness, financial wellness, emotional wellness, disease management & prevention
  • In a guided Social Circle creation process, admins choose a circle name & description, icon & color gradient, & add up to 4 photos or infographics to be on rotating display as a hero image
  • Through the Manage Groups feature, the admin can select which groups to make the social circle available to
  • Through the Manage Participants feature, the admin can select Circle Leaders, add & remove users from the circle in bulk or individually
  • Review posts or comments that were flagged on a circle wall and delete the post/comment or dismiss the flag
  • Admin can post on the social circle wall