San Diego Union Tribune – Oct 2016

We are always happy when a reporter is interested in an interview, and spending time with MediKeeper to learn more about our company.  Last week, our CEO, David Ashworth was interviewed by Mike Freeman, technology and business writer for the San Diego Union Tribune.  Ashworth said “MediKeeper’s niche is being able to get up and running fast — not only for large companies but also small businesses.”  You can read the article here.

David Ashworth – Chief Executive Officer: A seasoned CEO with over 20 years of heading local, regional and global businesses from start-up to $4 billion. Has held management positions in organizations in Europe, Asia and the United States. Has been CEO of MediKeeper for 6 years, and prior to that worked for Memec, a global electronics company for 22 years in various management positions, the last of which was as CEO for 6 years. David led a Management buyout of the Memec Group with support from Permira Private Equity before selling the company to Avnet Inc in July 2005. David holds a BA in Business Administration from Lady Spencer Churchill College, Oxford, and has attended INSEAD Business School and Stanford Executive Program.