Medikeeper Embeds Burnalong As Standard Offering In Wellness Platform

Embedded solution promotes personalization and ease of use for administrators and members

SAN DIEGO, March 29, 2022​​ – MediKeeper, a leading workplace wellness technology company, today announced that it has added Burnalong, a leading health and wellness solution, to their platform as a standard offering in their wellness engagement platform.

The addition of Burnalong will give MediKeeper’s 13M+ covered lives access to more than 17,000 classes taught by nearly 3,000 credentialed instructors across more than 50 wellness categories. The integration will allow administrators to implement physical, mental, emotional, financial, and medical courses as an integral part of their wellness program.

“We are very excited to see the addition of Burnalong to MediKeeper’s platform,” said Danielle Carlson, Senior Wellness Consultant for Gilsbar HealthComp. “This adds another level of personalization that is tailored to a member based on their preferences, health and wellness goals.”

“Burnalong offers the most diverse breadth of content, inclusive tools, and local instructors across the US,” says Mike Kott, Co-CEO of Burnalong. “It is a pleasure to provide health and wellness programming to MediKeeper so that their members can reach their full potential with the personalization and social support we’ve found to be crucial to successful wellness journeys.”

The solution is available now to all MediKeeper clients.

About MediKeeper
MediKeeper offers a comprehensive suite of health management tools designed for employer groups, health plans, brokers, TPAs, and wellness companies. The company’s Wellness Portal and Health Risk Assessment tools enable healthcare consumers to make smarter health-related decisions. Founded in 2003, MediKeeper technology gathers and analyzes disparate health data. By providing de-identified population reporting in a seamlessly integrated portal, MediKeeper’s customers are better able to manage their population’s health and make smarter wellness investments. Visit us at Follow our blog at

About Burnalong
Burnalong is an online health, wellness, and fitness platform that works with leading employers, insurers, municipalities, non-profits, and health systems that provide Burnalong for their employees, members, and patients. Burnalong helps people achieve their health and wellness goals by giving them unparalleled access to more than 3,000 instructors, teaching live and on-demand wellness classes across more than 45 categories – from traditional fitness to nutrition, financial wellness, adaptive workouts, chronic conditions, and more – for the entire family.