MediKeeper Introduces Wellness Challenges

October 24, 2017:  MediKeeper is proud to release Wellness Challenges to our suite of wellness solutions.  Wellness Challenges will be available as a fully integrated module in the MediKeeper Wellness Portal, or as a standalone product.

According to research, poor health costs the U.S. economy more than $576 billion a year and in 2015, U.S. health care spending increased 5.8 percent to reach $3.2 trillion, or $9,990 per person.  Wellness Challenges allow administrators to launch 50+ off-the-shelf challenges or easily build custom team or individual challenges. Unlike most competitive solutions, MediKeeper’s challenges are not confined to steps, but challenges that focus on the full spectrum of wellness: physical activity, emotional, sleep, financial, nutrition, environmental, biometric health, intellectual, lifestyle, occupational, social and technology.

“MediKeeper’s new Wellness Challenges module comes with an extensive library of pre-made templates that are ready to launch right off the shelf. In addition, the program allows for full customization, so the sky is the limit in terms of creating engaging challenges for every client. We at Vivacity take great pride in creating unique and relevant programs for our clients and this new tool allows us to do that freely,” says Leslie Thompson, product lead at Vivacity, Premera’s independent health and productivity consulting firm.

All of MediKeeper’s wellness challenges are gamified. Participants can earn badges, participate in the social network and receive Incentives & Rewards defined by their administrator. This makes the platform fun, engaging and fosters a healthy competitive environment.

“We are excited to add Wellness Challenges to our strong suite of population health and wellness management tools,” says Alexis Levine, Director of Product at MediKeeper. “We continue to focus on products that integrate seamlessly, are easily scalable, and fit our clients growing needs.”

Participants can then choose from 100+ devices or apps to utilize throughout a challenge – or can choose to enter their activity manually.  Helpful tips and reminders are automatically sent to encourage participants to stay competitive. Participants can show off their progress and badges to their friends through the “friending” capabilities.

“The new Wellness Challenges module on the MediKeeper wellness portal provides employees a unique opportunity to engage and support one another in their wellness journeys via the challenge wall and by connecting with pals. For our organization, this has increased user portal participation, challenge engagement, and overall program excitement.,” says Michele Hamm, Coordinator, Employee Well-Being at Maricopa Community Colleges.

When Wellness Challenges are integrated with MediKeeper’s Health Risk Assessment and Wellness Portal, they work seamlessly with Incentives & Rewards, Trackers, and the Enterprise Messaging System creating additional benefits to administrators and participants that are not offered through standalone applications and web services.