MediKeeper selected by Predictive Health Partners – Aug 2017

MediKeeper selected by Predictive Health Partners as Platform For Wellness Management and Analytics Forecasting – Solution selected to deliver unique approach to analytics.


San Diego, August 3, 2017

MediKeeper, a leading health and wellness management portal vendor, today announced that they have been selected by Predictive Health Partners to be their technology provider for health and wellness solutions.

“We selected MediKeeper to give us a significant edge in the industry and deliver our advanced predictive modeling to resolve the employer health care crisis,” said Jim Lewis, Founder and CEO for Predictive Health Partners. “While we looked at many providers, MediKeeper stood out with its strong communications tools, ability to deliver targeted interventions, and integration with Human Factor Analytics’ detailed analytics about employees behavior and health risks.”

Predictive Health will be using the MediKeeper customizable wellness portal and Health Risk Assessment to create a unique partnership between employers and their local health care providers.  MediKeeper provides administrators with an online portal that includes aggregate reporting, a message center, incentives & rewards management, aggregate Health Risk Assessment reporting, and population management tools.

“MediKeeper’s suite of wellness solutions continue to receive strong acceptance in the market across a diverse range of clients. We are pleased to be working with Predictive Health Partners to deliver a platform that delivers their real time predictive analytics,” said Derek Kren, Vice President of Sales for MediKeeper.

For more information about MediKeeper, visit or call (858) 251-3250.

About MediKeeper
MediKeeper offers a comprehensive suite of population health and wellness management tools intended for employer groups, health plans, brokers, TPA’s, and wellness companies. MediKeeper’s tools enable healthcare consumers to make smarter health-related decisions. Founded in 2003, The MediKeeper technology gathers and analyzes disparate health data. By providing de-identified population reporting in a seamlessly integrated portal, MediKeeper’s customers are better able to manage their population’s health and make smarter wellness investments. Visit us at

About Predictive Health Partners
With nearly 30 years of predictive analytics and engagement experience, Predictive Health Partners was founded in 2017 to utilize health data, analytics, self-care programs, and partner with local health care providers to measurably save money and lives.  Predictive Health Partners provides the missing link between self-insured companies and healthcare providers. For more information, visit

About Human Factor Analytics
For 20 years Human Factor Analytics, has been designing, implementing, and selling wellness programs and risk management solutions. As an analytics consulting company, Human Factor Analytics brings clarity to vast amounts of risk data and yields empirically valid risk management solution, ultimately replacing intuition and guesswork with empirical evidence. For more information, visit