Results From Survey of HR Professionals Attending SHRM 2019

More Than 90 Percent of SHRM Attendees Surveyed Believe That Employee Health and Wellness is Critical to Their Company


MediKeeper Survey of Society for Human Resource Management Professionals at SHRM 2019 Also Reveals 62 Percent of Companies Have Not Adopted a Technology Solution to Manage Their Wellness program.

Las Vegas, June 25, 2019:  MediKeeper, Inc., a global provider of a technology platform that helps companies deliver engaging and effective wellness plans to their employees or members, today announced the results of an on-site employee health and wellness survey taken by attendees at the largest conference of HR professionals, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) 2019. The survey addressed businesses and the importance they place on employee health and wellness, and the number of organizations with a solution in place to provide a wellness program for their employees.

The survey of HR professionals attending SHRM 2019 found the following results:

  • Despite 91% of attendees surveyed indicating that employee health and wellness is critical to their company, only 62% have adopted a dedicated wellness platform to manage their wellness program.
  • 71% of attendees said that they considered incentivizing employees with rewards to maintain their wellbeing a critical part of their wellness program, however only half indicated that they have a dedicated wellness coordinator
  • 45% of the respondents indicated that they were not satisfied with the level of engagement in their wellness program

“While we anticipated that HR Professionals would attach a high level of importance on employee’s health and wellness to their company success, 92% validates the level of interest that we have been seeing from HR professionals,” said David Ashworth, MediKeeper CEO. “Adopting a wellness platform would help to dramatically increase employee engagement, manage incentive programs and deliver content that is customized to an employee’s interests and health concerns.”

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