There’s An App for Office Health

fitness apps

In the new age of technology, personal fitness trainers have been almost entirely replaced by fitness apps and wearable devices. These handy tools help users increase physical activity and lower BMI. When utilized properly, the results are simple: health apps work. There are countless apps available on any one subject; the trick is finding one that fits with your goals and lifestyle. After all, what is the point of bogging down your phone storage with a collection of apps that you stopped using after the first week?

The most common reason people give up on fitness is lack of time. If that sounds like you, consider the following health and fitness apps that offer healthy living support for the busy employee: all of these programs can be used in the spare time you find at work.

Fitness Apps

Made To Move: If the gym just isn’t for you, this sporty app tracks your steps and offers incentives: for every 5,000 steps per day, you will be entered to win a cool prize, like a FitBit or entry to a Tough Mudder event. After 15,000 steps, the prizes get insanely awesome: tickets to Tour de France, Adele, and vacations for two to popular destinations. If that doesn’t get you speed-walking around your office building at break time, what will?

Fitnet: Flexible and easy to use, Fitnet provides the user with ultra-quick workouts, some as short as five minutes. It syncs with your Apple Watch to track your heart rate as you exercise with real personal trainers. If you have time to linger at the office vending machine for five minutes, you have time to step into the break room and have a quick workout!

Sworkit: This app is chic and modern, offering short, customizable workouts to target any muscle. You can even do a quick stretch in your cubicle whenever you’re feeling stiff. For eight dollars a month, this app is a great tool for quick and convenient fitness.

Freeletics: Similar to Sworkit, this no-nonsense app offers fast, customized workouts for anyone who is on-the-go. Instead of exercise equipment, you will need just your own bodyweight to complete the intensive workouts that can be done virtually anywhere.

Pocket Yoga: If lunges and push-ups aren’t your thing, try some yoga during your lunch-time break. With clear pictures and options for all levels beginner through advanced, Pocket Yoga makes fitness relaxing and convenient. It even tracks heart rate and calories burned, and is available on Apple Watch.

Hot5: This sleek fitness app gets straight to the point. With some basic, travel-sized equipment, you can exercise virtually anytime. In just five minutes, you’ll have an intense, complete workout with real trainers. That’s the amount of time it takes you to walk to the bathroom and back, so there is no room for excuses here!

Diet Apps

Rise: If you follow social media trends, you probably already snap photos of your meals to share with others. Why not make that habit work for you? Send photos of your food to real nutritionists and they will give you feedback and advice to improve your food choices. At fifteen dollars a week, this is definitely cheaper than regular in-person appointments with a dietician.

Noom: More than just a calorie-counting app, Noom promises the support you need to make healthy eating choices. The creators believe that weight-loss can be a comfortable habit, not a scary demon. They give you clear, color-coded feedback on what you should and should not be eating, as well as a personalized health plan that helps you learn to say no to the break-room donuts.

DietBet: It’s exactly what it sounds like: a fun way to stay healthy AND make money! You can join existing bets with people all over the world, or create a bet with friends, family, or coworkers. Bet on yourself and win money when you drop pounds and keep them off. There’s some real motivation for you!

Lifestyle Apps

My Fitness Pal: From tracking calories consumed to calories burned, this one does it all. You can pinpoint exactly how well you kept to your diet and fitness routines by logging what you ate and what exercises you did. The enormous food and exercise database means you know exactly how many squats you have to do later to work off that bag of chips you’re eating at your desk.

Lifesum: Whether you are looking to lose weight, bulk up, or just keep your diet on track, Lifesum gives you diet and exercise tips to accomplish your health goals. If you’re staring at the office snack bowl and wondering whether the apple or the granola bar will help you gain muscle, Lifesum has the answer. It even syncs with a variety of health tech, such as FitBit, Google Fit, S Health, and other fitness apps.

Happify: When you are focused on your physical health, it is easy to forget about your mental health. Keep your mind fit with Happify’s fun games and activities. They boost mental prowess, productivity, and happiness, and can be done on your tablet, smart phone, or office computer in just a matter of minutes.

Health apps are not one-size-fits-all, and picking one randomly from a long list will not yield positive results. Instead, read up on each prospective app and choose the one that suits your needs the best. Staying healthy on a tight schedule is possible. With the right app, you can achieve your fitness and dieting goals in just a few minutes a day, even while at work. Now that’s multi-tasking!