Tips To Help You Cope With Coming Back To Work

back to work

The holidays are over and now it is time to get back to work and our regular work routines. If you’re not comfortable around the holidays you may be glad it is over. But for a majority of people, moving from the days of relaxing with cups of cocoa and marshmallows, and hitting the snooze button are over. If you are a working parent, this also means children will be returning to school – virtually or physically. How do you make the transition from the break we all needed to being productive with your work again?

Well, we are not claiming it is easy. But there are ways for you to come back to work after a relaxing holiday that will not be a complete shock to your system. In this post, we’ll offer some tips on 6 tips to help you return to being productive after the holidays.

Be intentional about bedtime

The holidays are always perfect for staying up late and sleeping in until 10 in the morning. But we all know this will not work for getting back into a productive routine.

Thus, now that it is all over, get back to being intentional about bedtime. Getting the rest you need sets you up to wake up with energy to carry out the tasks of the day.

One in three Americans reports that they don’t get at least 7 hours of sleep each night. A lack of sleep undermines your productivity. It also sets you up for work-related stress.

A lack of sleep is also a player in the chain reaction that increases the chances of health problems including mental health disease, high blood pressure, and obesity. Structuring bedtime so you get adequate sleep will put you right back on track with where you left off at work before the break.

Structure your days

While several people may be returning to a physical office, there are still a majority of workers who will be working from home. Although the research shows that workers have been more productive from home, being disciplined when you work from home is still very hard.

Thus, it is helpful to have some sort of routine that will help you keep your workday structured.

For instance, you might decide you want to include 30 minutes of exercise, a healthy breakfast, and a quick shower in your morning routine to help you set the tone for a productive day.

For more tips on structuring a workday as you work remotely, check out this post.

What is the most impactful task on your schedule? Do that first.

We each have a portion of the day where we feel the most productive. For some people, this may be early in the day. For you, working at night may be your thing.

What is the biggest task you have to do during the day? Which task has the most impact? Although it might be tempting to get lower-value tasks done first, do the most impactful task during the most productive hours of your day.

Other important but not-as-impactful tasks can be completed during the part of the day when you don’t have the energy to focus on the biggest task.

Stay hydrated

When you are dehydrated, you get tired and irritated easily. With the winter months typically being drier and colder, you will get dehydrated easily during the workday.

Have a bottle of water or a cup of tea close by to ensure you stay hydrated.

Take breaks

Take a break. We all need them. And you will find them helpful during that first week of work.

Don’t cut out the enjoyment completely

Well, yes the holidays are over but it doesn’t mean we have to cut out the enjoyment completely.  There are probably cookies and pouches of cocoa you did not get to. You don’t have to lock them up until next year. Reward yourself at the end of the day and indulge. You worked hard after all.

Back To Work After The Holidays

It’s always good to ease your way back into a work routine instead of offering a complete shock to your brain. Continuing to enjoy the remnants of the holiday allows you to do this.

Returning to being productive after a stressful year and a much-needed holiday break is no doubt difficult. However, if you strategically plan for it, you will recover quickly and have a smoother transition back into the flow of things.

Here’s to a productive 2021!