Employee Engagement Checklist For A Successful Wellness Program

Employee Engagement Checklist

Every successful wellness program requires employee engagement to thrive and make an actual difference in your company’s overall health.

The more people that participate in your wellness program, the more benefits that you’ll see across a wide range of categories. Some of these benefits include improved physical and mental health, increased productivity, improved employee retention, improved company reputation, and fewer sick days.

Ready to get started on improving employee engagement in your wellness program? Use this handy employee engagement checklist to see which areas you may need to work on:

Wellness Portal:

o Conduct a confidential Personal Health Risk Assessment
o Access Aggregated HIPAA-Compliant Reporting
o Track program participation and activity
o Demonstrate how to be healthy via custom content
o Deliver behavior change campaigns and challenges
o Educate (videos, e-books, webinars, biometric results)
o Provide one-stop-shop for members to access all wellness tools

Administrator Initiated Communications:

o Notifications, Reminders & Nudges: System and Administrator generated communications, including SMS and email
o Enterprise Message System: Targeted messages to defined set of members based on specific criteria (e.g. Send message to all smokers or send message to all women who indicated they are interested in eating healthier)
o Content Management System: Publishing tool to create “internal blog” or articles on any topic
o Recognition: Recognize & reward member achievements and milestones to improve satisfaction and engagement

Member Initiated Communication:

o Chat: Two way and in real time
o Wellness Wall: Socializing wellness
o Recognition: Feedback mechanism for members

Feedback Tools:

o Forms and Surveys: Administrator can generate and manage a variety of surveys, including multiple choice and free form
o HRA Custom Questions: Can be used to gather additional data on Members’ health habits, consumer preferences, and choices

Member Convenience:

o Member Services: Can support & integrate with intranet or employee portal
o Profile Settings: Allows members to select communication preferences, such as phone, email, & text messaging
o Coaching Interface: Allows HIPPA compliant entities (e.g. clinicians, & health coaches) to manage employee wellness encounters

Incentives & Rewards:

o Include the 3 Participation, Outcomes, Improvement based Incentives & Rewards Opportunities
o Communicate clearly how users can achieve in an Incentives & Rewards Program
o Provide rewards that your population is interested in (e.g. Additional PTO, Health Insurance Premium Discount, Company T-Shirt, etc.)
o Make it easy for users to view their progress in and Incentives & Rewards Program; consider utilizing a wellness portal to manage user experience

Wellness Challenges:

o Offer team & individual-based wellness challenges
o Consider gamifying challenges to allow users to earn badges, status, or more
o Allow users to track their progress by manually entering or integrating data from their wearable or app (e.g. Fitbit, RunKeeper)
o Have social walls to create a healthy, competitive, & fun environment