8 Positive Things Since The COVID-19 Pandemic Started

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There’s no shortage of bad news these days. Chances are that if you have been watching the news, you are hungry for a silver lining in the midst of the chaos. While there is certainly a lot to be concerned about – more than we bargained for before 2020 started – there are some positive things occurring. If you’re on social media, you may have watched the video of New Yorkers applauding through their windows every night at 7 pm for frontline workers.

Or perhaps you saw the video of melodious music pouring onto the streets of a Brazilian city during the mandatory quarantine. It’s been heart-warming to watch and is much-needed comfort in these times.

There’s no doubt that we will win the fight against COVID-19. So while we wait to hear that we’ve won the battle, here are 8 positive things that have happened since the COVID-19 pandemic started. We hope each of the positive things on this list gives you courage!

Over 300,000 people have recovered from COVID-19

Although the number of COVID-19 infections has now almost reached 1.5 million people worldwide, over 317,000 of those people have recovered. This in no way minimizes the number of people who have died. However, it is encouraging to see people recovering from the illness.

We look forward to seeing even more people recover from the disease over the next few weeks and months.

Wildlife is thriving

While the thought of having bears roam your neighborhood is not comforting, it is good to know that our furry pals have been exploring their environments now that we’re indoors for a good portion of our days.

Monkeys were spotting roaming the streets in Thailand. And a bear was seen navigating his neighborhood while the humans were indoors. Living organisms depend on each other and perhaps during this time, we can erase the risk of extinction for some of these animals.

You won’t complain about not spending enough time with your family this year

Our busy work schedules can make it hard to spend quality time with family. This year, we won’t have that excuse.

Our stay-at-home orders are helping us find ways to spend more time with our families.

You can now find many of the essential items you could not find before at the store

At the beginning of March 2020, consumers in the US were in a frenzy. Fears of the country going into total lockdown led many people into panic buying.

There were reports that you could not find toilet paper, hand sanitizer and bulk food items like rice, flour, beans and perishables like eggs and meat. Over the last four weeks, while most stores still have some bare shelves – toilet paper is still hard to come by- you can now find most items you need.

Jobs in certain industries have increased

While a record number of people have filed for unemployment over the last few weeks, an incredible number of jobs have opened up industries like retail and healthcare. A lot of these jobs are providing incentives that they would not give during normal periods.

Looking for a new job? On LinkedIn, following the hashtag #nowhiring opens you up to a list of company profiles and human resource professionals who are looking to hire people immediately and with added incentives.

There has never been a better time to explore work-at-home jobs than right now. If you’re interested in finding jobs that allow you to work at home, you can explore your options on the following websites.

  • Flexjobs – Flexjobs features full-time and part-time jobs that are flexible and fit your schedule.
  • Upwork – You can find a myriad of freelance opportunities in writing, web design, coding and even data entry on Upwork.
  • Remotive – If you’re into marketing, sales, software development or customer support, Remotive is an excellent place for you to find work-at-home roles.
  • Outsourcely – Explore remote roles in various industries here.
  • Textbroker – Love to write? You can find remote writing jobs on Textbroker.
  • Indeed – While Indeed is a website that primarily features in-office jobs, you might be able to find remote positions on here.

In the US, the curve has begun to flatten

The rallying cry to stay at home and observe social distancing is beginning to show results here in the United States.

While we’re still a long way from coming out of a critical situation, calculations by scientists are beginning to show positive signs of limiting the infection.

More people are being tested for COVID-19

With more COVID tests available, testing is happening quicker and the infection is being detected earlier.

Early detection also means early treatment. This means fewer people passing the virus on to others. And ultimately, this reduces the death rate.

Pharmaceutical and health research companies are making massive technological advancements

Scientists across the world are working at record speed to come up with a vaccine for COVID-19. Drug development can take years. It is common for some drugs to take as long as 10 years to be approved for use.

So to see scientists and health researchers uniting and working around the clock to come up with vaccines and effective cures have been nothing but inspiring.

Here’s a list of companies that are working on a vaccine or a cure for the coronavirus and COVID-19.

The report shows 12 companies that are working on a vaccine either privately or in conjunction with another drug company. Vaccines help to prevent infection. It also highlights 20 companies working on a cure for the disease once a person gets it.

Positive Things

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