Striking The Perfect Positive Balance At Work

Balance At Work

There may have been many instances where you’ve felt flustered or frustrated when you think of work or your working environment. Then there are days where you’re on top of the world and patting yourself on the back for the achievements, those encouraging words from your bosses and fielding a sense of accomplishment. Be it a 9 to 5 job, a business, or the “new normal” work-from-home, there are certain nuances and perks that you define while you’re at it. Financial benefit is one of the main attractions of working, not to forget the passion and thrill of doing something you love.

Having a fine balance at work of maintaining relationships with colleagues plays a major role towards keeping you driven, doesn’t it?

Striking the perfect positive balance at work

You choose to work where you enjoy, putting good use of your skills and technical expertise. There’s an innate drive to perform well and be the best you can be and do the best you can do.

The qualities of an enjoyable work-place include:

  1. A positive environment that extricates the best out of you, using your strengths to help with the betterment of the company. An ideal place that aids in your professional and personal development, elevating you as a person and giving ample recognition for your performance.
  2. A place where you are remunerated for your efforts and performance which helped grow your establishment positively.
  3. A workplace that demands active and healthy discussions among like-minded colleagues and exudes positive vibes. Where everyone plays a crucial role and everyone’s opinion has value. A collective approach where colleagues stay together through the highs and lows, like parallel roads.
  4. A place that has its values and ethics that’s oriented perfectly with yours. What more can you ask for!

Where do colleagues stand in this equation?

The importance of getting along with your colleagues at work cannot be stressed enough. It is ideal to maintain good camaraderie amongst your partners at work since it is effective in boosting the workplace atmosphere and company goals. It has also been shown to create a pragmatic environment when there’s a good employee-employer relationship.

Those companies that give due support to their employees, be it in the form of regular payments, wellness checks, or leave benefits have shown to be top-performing.

What if there’s some distress in the air?

A negative space harbors negative energy. The tasks become tedious, your mind wanders and the overall output will definitely be on a downhill path.

It will reflect a dip in the company’s performance as well and make the job even more difficult to master.

So how can you maintain the balance for an efficient work atmosphere?

  1. You should have efficient communicating skills with those involved. Right from your superiors, to colleagues and the other staff, being able to communicate your thoughts and ideas well will help maintain the mood.
  2. A professional and ethical approach to your work will impress your colleagues and establish your reliability and authority as a member of the team. Delivering quality work will also put you as a front runner and enhance your confidence.
  3. Try to stay off work while at home (in the current scenario of work-from-home this means to take a rest once your working hours are fulfilled!). Being overly stressed about deadlines and commitments is detrimental to your mental health and doesn’t do any good to your performance at work either!

Once you’re done for the day, relax and engage in something that rests your mind and is relaxing. Engage in other activities or simply take a nap.

Support from your family is also an important ingredient in boosting your performance and elevating your attitude while at work.

  1. Maintaining mutual respect towards everyone in your workspace. Your colleagues are vital members of the workplace and deserve to be acknowledged. You are a team and you will require their guidance, support, and encouragement during your tenure.
  2. Your ‘Emotional Intelligence’ is your ability to understand, use, and manage your emotions. It is a measure of how you deal with situations on the emotional front and keeps you grounded as a person. You can blend those techniques that you have developed, to your work assignments, which will help maintain that balance.
  3. Grab any opportunity that you get to upskill or learn new things like workshops, seminars, and meetings. This would not only add to your portfolio but also keep you abreast of the current trends.

Having a balanced environment at work is beneficial for your health, wealth, and prosperity!