The Reality Of Exhaustion And How It’s Affecting Our Lives


Exhausted, fatigued, tired. These words are increasingly becoming a part of our daily vocabulary. Have we ever sat down and thought, why do we feel exhausted or tired? Is it the same as burning out? We want to be agile, both physically and mentally, but we just can’t seem to snap out of that lethargic sensation. Browsing through tons of articles on the internet or scouring through books to find a solution to end this fatigue takes up most of our free time. Some may experience disturbed sleep, while some may not feel like doing anything. Be it juggling work and family or not enough “me” time, this exhaustion pandemic is silent but present. Let us delve into a few facts and points about how exhaustion has influenced our lives.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, exhausted is defined as “depleted of energy or extremely tired”. For a person to experience such high levels of tiredness wouldn’t be a pleasant one. Some may experience a lack of energy so much that even getting up and starting a task would seem a daunting one. Others may feel a lack of motivation, sometimes tipping them into episodes of low mood, which can have a significant impact on their daily activities.

Why do we feel exhausted and what’s its impact?

There are no finite limits set out to know if we’re exhausted or not. It can impact people in different ways. Like explained above, some can encounter long-term episodes of fatigue which doesn’t get better with rest or a good night’s sleep, while some can have a constant irritable or nagging feeling that hinders their daily functioning.

There is a fine line between being tired and being exhausted. Tiredness is something that is quite commonly felt by a person with a busy lifestyle. One who handles work and family together. But tiredness is not long-term. Once a person gets adequate rest, their energy levels are replenished and tasks can be handled with renewed vigor.

These are a few signs that could indicate exhaustion and in extreme cases, a possible burnout.

  • Being unable to control emotions and getting affected by even the simplest of things could be a sign of exhaustion. It points towards a fragile mental state which can seriously impact decision making and cause a loss of focus and impact decision making.
  • Having a constant feeling of fatigue even if a person is well-rested and has taken adequate breaks. This fatigue can be due to being jittery and stressed out all the time. If this goes on without being addressed for a long time, it will certainly have a negative impact, both physically and mentally.
  • A few physical symptoms like getting sick very often, headaches, and dizziness to name a few.
  • Unable to enjoy free time and feeling worried and anxious.

The list is not a complete one, but these are the most common things people have while dealing with exhaustion.

How to handle exhaustion

A few simple tips could go a long way in handling exhaustion and keeping it under control

  • We need to identify the core cause of why we’re experiencing exhaustion. Understanding the root enables us to think of a solution that could help.
  • Generally, there are a few things that can be considered which will benefit many. A good sleep routine, taking into account the quality of sleep, number of hours of sleep, and a comfortable sleeping environment has been found to help with combating exhaustion. Good sleep hygiene gives some quality rest to the body and mind.
  • A lot depends on the diet that we follow. Apart from its numerous other benefits, having a well-balanced diet and introducing high-energy foods can help to maintain the energy levels throughout the day. There are other simple habits that can be practiced, which will alleviate the symptoms.
  • Experts have time and again reinforced the fact that some form of physical activity everyday is extremely beneficial and has an all-round positive effect, in preventing diseases as well as in helping with exhaustion.
  • Seeking the help of professionals, family or friends is an important step towards fighting exhaustion. We feel good when we’re surrounded by people who can understand our problems and who can help us address them.

We need to know our limitations and draw the line so that we can work at our maximum potential without getting exhausted.