Top Four Wellness Trends of 2019

Wellness Trends of 2019

All wellness program administrators know that, as technology continues to improve, that you must be willing to adapt and make changes to your wellness program in order to stay competitive in your industry and to offer employees engaging wellness programs.

The tactics that benefited you in the previous year may be outdated and new technology may serve you better in the coming year.

For 2019, we’ve pinpointed what we believe to be the top four trends in the wellness industry and compiled them into an informative white paper. Here is a sneak peak at what information you can learn by downloading Four Emerging Employee Wellness Trends for 2019:

Trend #1 – Intelligent Personalization

A wellness portal that has the capability to personalize the experience to each individual is essential to creating a strong connection between the employee and the wellness program. In order to maximize the intelligent personalization, the wellness program should be able to analyze various reports, including biometrics, incentives, health risk assessments and challenges, to see what is working best for the individual and send targeted messages with information that is relevant to each employee’s health goals. By doing so, you increase the participation rate within the program, which raises the overall success of your company’s wellness program.

Trend #2 – Social Recognition

It only makes sense that you’re more likely to be motivated to succeed if you have people counting on you and cheering you on. By incorporating an online social component to your wellness program, you can easily create a virtual web of support by encouraging team members to share their goals and accomplishments while offering words of encouragement to each other. Managers can, and should, get involved in an online public forum to praise their employees achievements and make them feel like their efforts at improving the overall health of the company are recognized. Offering incentive points for tangible rewards takes the manager’s social role to the next level. With modern technology, it’s easier than ever to add a social component to an online wellness portal.

Trend #3 – Virtual Wellness

There’s no question that today’s workplace offers more flexibility than offices of the past. Between work from home opportunities and non-traditional hours, the chances of the majority of your company being present in the office at any one time are increasingly slim. Due to this shift in workplace structure, it’s important to offer a virtual wellness program that allows employees to access health programs from any place at any time. In order to make your wellness program easily accessible, it should be available via computer, phone, tablet and mobile app.

Trend #4 – Smarter Analytics

Understanding the analytic side of your company’s health will help you assess whether or not your wellness program is improving your company’s overall health goals. While in the past you could pull basic reports and spend hours sorting through the information, new analytics technology allows you to create targeted reports to more quickly find the information that you seek without having to dig through all the other data.

Wellness Trends for 2019

If you’d like more information about any of these growing trends, download Four Emerging Employee Wellness Trends for 2019.  Or you may read the BenefitsPro article on the emerging trends.