30 Wellness Engagement Tips From Industry Experts

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Have you ever wished you could spend time with 30 leading wellness experts to get great tips about engagement? Look no further – MediKeeper has reached out to the most influential wellness and industry experts and published 30 wellness engagement tips that will transform your wellness environment.

By downloading “30 Wellness Engagement Tips From Industry Experts” you will learn:
– How to help your company create a culture of wellness
– Why engaged employees are involved, passionate and committed
– Ways to increase engagement both inside and outside the office
– How wellness programs can embrace engagement

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From the eBook:

Make It Easy

People are often too busy and have little time to focus on their health and wellness. Whether it is providing free or low cost healthy food at the office or offering fitness programs on a smart phone, it’s important to make healthy choices easily accessible. You can be busy and healthy. By utilizing tools readily available to you in key areas of nutrition, wellness and fitness you can give your body the energy and the power it needs to succeed despite how chaotic life might be.

Nazli Ghamarifard, Principal Program Manager, Medical Care Programs
Blue Shield of California

Communication is Key

Your wellness program communication strategy is key to your programs success. When empowering your employees to take charge of their health, communicating your wellness program should be a top priority. People don’t want to be bothered with meaningless emails, messages and phone calls. It is vital that communication be simple (think less is more) and targeted to the population based on their interest and needs.

Danielle Carlson, Senior Wellness Consultant

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