MediKeeper Launches Fully Integrated COVID-19 App

MediKeeper Launches Fully Integrated COVID-19 App with Risk Assessment, Cleared For Work Workflow and Case Management Solution


COVID Navigator selected by EmblemHealth to determine if employees are safe to go back to work and at-home monitoring and reporting.


San Diego, December 2, 2020: MediKeeper, a leading provider of customizable wellness portals to healthcare providers, insurance brokers, wellness companies, TPAs, and corporate employers, today announced the availability of COVID Navigator.

COVID Navigator is focused on helping employers, with functionality including:

  • A mobile App downloadable from the Apple Store or Google Play. The screening questionnaire determines if an individual is At Risk for having COVID-19 based on the latest CDC guidelines, and if necessary, recommends local testing centers. Email and text alerts are sent to employers when an employee is not cleared. Employees receive push notification reminders.
  • At-home Monitoring and Reporting of Quarantined Individuals – Easy administration and review of exceptions and override status capabilities. There are personalized daily tasks to help monitor symptoms for ongoing recovery, geolocation verification of quarantine location, and the option to work with a Case Manager who will develop a personalized Plan of Care for infected people’s specific needs. COVID Navigator also includes at-home monitoring.
  • Cleared or Not Cleared for Work – Configurable algorithm calculates if an individual is cleared for work or not cleared for work each calendar day. Employees are asked to complete daily tasks including but not limited to input of temperature, review of current symptoms and risk factors, and confirmation of social distancing best practices. Employers can review all employees’ current cleared status to create a safe workplace and ensure compliance with OSHA regulations.
  • Case Manager Admin Portal to Ease Workload of Monitoring & Tracking – A simple to use case management solution that includes notes, log lab tests, contact tracing. At-a-glance, Case Managers or administrators can view the data for everyone that has registered, triage users into case types, monitor task completion and receive alerts on worsening symptoms.
  • Robust identifiable and aggregated reporting.
  • As with all MediKeeper’s wellness products, it is both HIPAA compliant and HiTrust certified in order to protect privacy and security.

COVID Navigator has been selected by EmblemHealth for their 4,000 employees in the New York City area. “We selected COVID Navigator due to MediKeeper’s speed of deployment, accuracy, functionality for all employees to manually enter and track vital signs, and its ability to deliver custom-generated content,” said Tom MacMillan, SVP and Chief Information Officer of EmblemHealth. “In a time of great uncertainty among New York’s working people, EmblemHealth believes it’s more important than ever to help give our employees and their families some peace of mind about their health and wellness.”

COVID Navigator was developed by MediKeeper in conjunction with iHealthHome. The App has been deployed in companies across the United States to employers and employees to incorporate COVID screening into their daily routine with an automated health screening process.