MediKeeper announces Employee Wellness Trends for 2021

MediKeeper Sees Wellness Programming Shift And Greater Reliance On Technology Topping Wellness Trends For 2021


Back-To-Work Post-COVID Planning And Reliance On Business Intelligence Also Top The List Of Emerging Trends.


San Diego, December 15, 2020:  MediKeeper, a leading provider of customizable wellness portals to healthcare providers, insurance brokers, wellness companies, TPAs, and corporate employers, today announced their annual list of emerging trends in the Employee Wellness market for 2021.

MediKeeper’s report highlights four key trends that are likely to transform the industry. Unlike the prior studies dating back to 2017, this year, all four trends are a result of the life-changing events of the past year, and will help companies adapt wellness programming so that they may connect with employees, and drive engagement in a very different environment to that of prior years:

  • Dramatic Shift To Holistic Wellness Programming – remote working is making the transition to a well-rounded program even more urgent and the importance of emphasizing work-life balance as a key program feature will be critical in 2021.
  • Greater Reliance On Technology – having a disparate workforce will force companies to rely on technology as the only way of monitoring their employees’ health, and to alter the manner in which they deliver wellness programming.
  • Back-To-Work Post-COVID Planning – companies will need to start planning now as to how they are going to safely bring their employees together, and to create a back-to-work plan that addresses employee anxiety about returning and using technology to manage the process.
  • Reliance On Business Intelligence Data – companies should be preparing to spend significantly more time using data to gather insight into what their employees need from a wellness program, and to use accurate knowledge to create a program that works for their workplace population.

The trends identified by MediKeeper were based on data generated from the 70,000 client organizations and more than 9 million lives covered by MediKeeper.

Full details of the report can be found here.