Medikeeper Releases Annual List of Emerging Trends in the Employee Wellness Market for 2023

MediKeeper Sees Mental Health Challenges Will Continue & Financial Health in an Inflationary World Topping Wellness Trends For 2023- Organizational Culture and Remote and Hybrid Work Also Top the List of Emerging Trends.

SAN DIEGO, November 28, 2022​​MediKeeper, a leading provider of customizable wellness portals to healthcare providers, insurance brokers, wellness companies, TPAs, and corporate employers, today announced their annual list of emerging trends in the Employee Wellness market for 2023.

MediKeeper’s report highlights four key trends that will play a role in employee health and wellness. Understanding these trends can help organizations better plan for 2023 and beyond as well as help best support their people to be engaged and thrive in a positive health culture.

The trends for 2023 are:

  • Mental Health Challenges Will Continue – The increasing levels of burnout and rust-out we have experienced are showing no signs of reversal. People are stressed, anxious and depressed, and people are turning to pharmaceuticals and other substances for relief or distraction.
  • Financial Health is Critical in an Inflationary World – Turnover rates are high, people are job hopping from one position to the next, sometimes due to layoffs. Financial pressures are impacting mental health and fueling a cycle of people willing to move jobs.
  • Organizational Culture is More Important than Ever – People, particularly younger ‘millennial’ workers who make up the majority of the workforce, want to be a part of something meaningful and going about fulfilling their roles through service, tasks and projects, should have a purpose that they can rally around.
  • Remote and Hybrid Work Will Not Disappear Overnight – It is expected that the concept of remote and hybrid work will continue for the near future and beyond. It is very difficult for many to go back to the pre-pandemic ways if they were able to pivot to remote work.

The trends identified by MediKeeper were based on data generated from the 70,000 client organizations and more than 17 million lives covered by MediKeeper.

Dr. Tyler Amell, Chief Health and Strategy Officer at MediKeeper will be discussing how the trends were developed, as well as how they will impact employee health and wellness in 2023 during a live webcast on Wednesday November 30, 2022 at 8 a.m. PST.

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