Do You Need To Build Healthy Relationships At Work?

healthy relationships

Dividing time into several blocks and assigning each chunk for separate activities is an effective way to manage your day. For those with jobs, a major part of the day is invested in it. So what are the features that enhance the dynamics of your workplace? It could be your passion for your job, the flexibility it offers you, the possibility of career growth, and an important one – having positive, active, and wholesome healthy relationships with your co-workers.

When all of these align, it exemplifies the whole energy of the workplace and adds a different, positive dimension to it. There is less tension in the air and it becomes easier to discuss different opinions as well as conclude conflicts amicably. Here, we try to discuss a few features and the importance of positive workplace relationships.

At workplaces, there are many minds laboring towards common targets and meeting deadlines. There are bound to be several opinions regarding issues and thorough discussions need to be done to meet the company’s needs. This requires everyone’s input. All of this can only be possible if there’s an overall cheerful atmosphere. There is a certain science behind good work relationships.

So what could go wrong if there’s no parallel communication amongst employees?

  • Everything is bound by an invisible thread, which includes the psychological, physical, and social aspects of a person. Striking the perfect work balance is an amalgamation of all three points and one that can be challenging to maintain. Reports of increased stress and mental health problems among employees have been linked to poor workplace ethics and negative relationships. Bring in jealousy and a lack of respect into the equation, it’s a bad recipe for office associations.
  • In recent times, working from home has become the norm and there are fewer opportunities for social gatherings. Humans, being social animals, are in their element when they’re meeting people in person, but with new restrictions, there seems to be a strain in communication, you feel a little less interested, and not very enthusiastic about work. It may feel like you’re on autopilot. The availability of video conferencing allows you to see your colleagues, but having said that, it’s been found to be not as effective in maintaining healthy  relationships as if you were working in an office. It fosters a feeling of isolation and that takes a toll on your emotional wellbeing.
  • If you’re at the receiving end of bullying and bad competition, the interest and passion for your work can take a definite tumble. This can influence your thought process and quality of work as well! You feel isolated and unwelcome, and this crumbles your self-esteem and confidence. It could change your entire attitude towards your job.
  • There will be missed learning opportunities, a decreased interest in developing different skills, and strained interactions between seniors and you.
  • When the environment is not helpful, your productivity can fall and this will leave a bad impression about your strengths and capabilities.

The trick lies in deflecting the bad experiences and trying to build quality relationships with your work family. The fact that you spend most of your time working, makes it very important to have good links there.

What are the tricks for maintaining healthy relationships at work?

There is no foolproof bag of tricks that can help you. It’s more like trial and error. You try, and if you fail, you switch plans and try again. That’s one of the basic tricks!

  • Develop an empathetic attitude towards new employees. These new employees are more commonly affected by unhealthy relationships. When you feel welcome at a new place, it catapults your productivity and confidence. Introductory sessions and welcome parties can be organized to improve ties. Being mindful that there’s a learning curve for newcomers, identifying difficulties, and having regular meetings, are all part of showing concern and paves the way for better communication between everyone.
  • You can search for interests and hobbies that you share with others at work, and involve in those activities during your weekly breaks. This can be anything ranging from outdoor sports to indoor activities, and this helps you have a relationship outside of work as well. When you have a good time outside of work, this positivity can spill into the office also!

The bonds you create with your teammates form an important feature of a workplace. Keeping those bonds on the positive spectrum makes your job that much better and enjoyable!