A Refreshing Meal At The Middle Of The Day – Lunch


While in school, we used to look forward to recess time. Waiting impatiently to open up the lunchboxes and see what has been packed for lunch that day. When you think about it, do you feel you enjoyed a variety of dishes or wanted the same lunch every day?

Well, does it invoke the same sense of surprise and yearning at your workplace as well? Waiting for lunch! Yes, it does seem to be at the cusp of the day, when your energy levels are dipping low, you boost yourself with delicious lunches and watch that energy return! Have you felt it?

More often than not, you find yourself waking up with just enough time to spare, rushing through your morning tasks, and having a quick breakfast. You may either grab a sandwich or only a cup of hot beverage or skip breakfast entirely to reach on time.

There will always be more important things than breakfast on your mind, so by default, lunch becomes that meal of the day where you actually break the fast. This is one of the reasons why when you take a break for lunch, you feel refreshed, energetic, and ready to deal with the rest of the day.

Why should you give importance to your mid-day meal?

  1. It’s the first and proper break you get after you reach your workplace

Working hard and interacting with people, attending meetings and discussions tend to take a toll after a while. As studies show, you need to take breaks between strenuous tasks to clear up your mind as well as replenish your energy. So lunchtime acts as a perfect getaway. Taking a lunch break at fixed timings will also help you to divide your tasks and prioritize them. You will be able to get an idea of how to manage multiple activities on time. You can make it a habit and it helps to cement your time management skills.

  1. You can track your diet and meal plans easily

You can try different cuisines everyday, so as to have balanced meals with portions of every component. While prepping meals you can mix and match various components and make it healthy.

Having a meal plan and prepping for it can give you an idea of your calorie consumption and help keep a track of them. By putting it on a chart, it will be easy for improvising and adding things that you love to your food preparation.

So, if the incentive of watching your calories is added into the equation, it makes lunch all the more important for you. It gives you the drive to prepare lunch at home while keeping a watch on your health at the same time! The right mix of ingredients keeps you nutritionally balanced and has a positive impact on your gut health by encouraging the appropriate growth of normal gut bacteria.

  1. It’s that time of the day when you can just relax

The little break can work wonders on your mood and energy. After lunch, if there is time, you can enjoy some other activities, like listening to music, talking with friends, or simply taking a power nap to make you feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle the rest of the day. There are reports that concur that taking breaks improves your thought process and increases your productivity.

4. Lunch is important for people who have long-term conditions, especially diabetics. For diabetics, it’s essential to not skip meals, and lunch is sometimes thought of as a dispensable meal. But, it shouldn’t be skipped because then, it can lead to a decrease in blood sugar levels, which can be detrimental to their health.

How to remain motivated to make lunch every day?

Thinking about all the positive aspects of having lunch every day like replenishing energy, getting free time to have a quick banter with colleagues, and just staying off work for a while, could keep you motivated to make lunch. It gives you a balanced work routine as well.

You know exactly what you consume and it is less expensive than eating out daily. Though it seems time-consuming, having a plan and cooking easy dishes can soon develop into a habit. Preparing and eating homemade meals will also steer you away from the temptations of having unhealthy, junk food which is unmistakably bad for your health.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take a mid-day break and eat your lunch!