The Pandemic Body: More Fast Food, Alcohol and Smoking

To enable HR departments to prepare for employees returning to the office, MediKeeper has released part two of its 2021 Workplace Wellness Benchmark Report, a comprehensive analysis of the state of wellness and wellbeing indicators among today’s workforce focusing on personal health, including diet, alcohol use, exercise, sleep, and smoking (The Pandemic Body: More Fast Food, Alcohol and Smoking).

These data represent anonymized insights from employees who opted to complete MediKeeper’s National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) certified Health Risk Assessment (HRA). MediKeeper provides workplace wellness technology used by more than 11 million people at work that helps them make smarter health-related decisions.

The Pandemic Body: More Fast Food, Alcohol and Smoking, Less Exercise and Difficult Sleep

MediKeeper HRA data show that 8.7% of employees reported they were worried about their health or an injury in 2020. However, this number grew by 18.2% in the first months of 2021, based upon the experience of employees who completed an HRA between January 1 to March 11, 2021. In addition, an alarming 22.1% of employees admitted to being “out of control with food” in 2021, a new question asked in the HRA this year to gauge the impact of remote work on employees. This metric equates to the 16.1% increase in employees who eat at a fast-food restaurant more than 3 times a week in 2021.

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